EAN: 8018417237829
4-in-1 lens kit

Lens kit (fish-eye, wide angle, macro, flash) with clip for smartphones


This SBS Lens Kit allows you to make the best possible use of your smartphone's inbuilt camera; the fish-eye lens, macro lens and wide angle lens allow you to take stunning photographs from your handset without changing loads of different parts.
The kit is made up of:

  • 198 fish-eye lens to frame the world with a curved perspective.
  • Wide angle lens takes 50% greater field than the human eye
  • Macro lens 15x magnification to capture the wonders of nature close up. (up to 1 cm).
  • Flash to enhance your images.

Lenses can be used alone or in combination; once the base is fixed you can screw on the lens(es) you require and run it through the normal camera app.
After use, lenses can be stored in the handy pouch included with this order.


  • Kit Lenti it is not compatible with smartphones with dual rear camera
  • Lenses included: fish-eye, macro, wide angle
  • Flash
  • Pouch included
  • Charging cable included

Use of this kit is possible with smartphones that have a camera no more than 3 cm from the top edge.
The measurement is purely indicative and depends on the actual position of the camera, which varies from model to model.

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