EAN: 8018417251382
Adaptive Fast Charge car charger

Adaptive Fast Charge car charger with 1 USB, Adaptive Fast Charge output, and Intelligent Charge technology


This Adaptive Fast Charge car charger is the right product for powering your device while you're driving.
Compact in size, the charger connects to your car’s cigarette lighter / 12V socket. Subsequently, simply plug your smartphone or tablet’s charging cable into the charger’s USB socket.
The USB input enables compatible devices to receive up to 15W in power at a fast rate, thanks to the Adaptive Fast Charge energy transfer protocol. In just 30 minutes, your device’s charge level will already be at 80%.
As it is equipped with Intelligent Charge technology, this charger automatically recognizes the maximum charge level your device can absorb, and adjusts accordingly. The car charger will therefore provide maximum recharge safely and in the shortest possible time.


  • Battery capacity: 2100 mah
  • Adaptive Fast Charge
  • Intelligent Charge
  • 1 USB output
  • Charge level of smartphone / tablet after 30 minutes with USB: 80% *


* Times are approximate and depend on the device being recharged.

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