EAN: 8018417242403
PD travel charger

Charger with ultra fast charging 3000 mAh, 1 Type C Power Delivery output 30 W, European plug


This travel charger is the ideal accessory to charge your devices while you travel.
The power supply is equipped with a Type C output with which you can connect all devices supporting this technology. Simply insert the European plug into a wall socket to start topping up the charge.
This travel charger is equipped with the Power Delivery system that ensures a faster recharge and allows you to power devices like Macbook or Notebook.
In fact, after only 30 minutes of charge, the energy level of your device will already be at 70%.
This is the ideal product to deal with frequent trips without ever being left with flat batteries.


  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh
  • 1 Type C output
  • Power Delivery Technology
  • EU plug
  • Device charge level after 30 minutes: 70% *

* times are approximate and will depend on the device being recharged.

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