EAN: 8018417237478
Wall charger with Quick Charge

Travel charger with 2 USB 2.1 outputs, Quick Charge, Intelligent Charge and European plug


This travel charger is the right accessory for all those who need ultra-fast charging.
The charger has a European wall plug as well as two USB ports. These outputs enable you to charge two devices at the same time.
The blue output is equipped with Intelligent Charge technology: the charger automatically recognizes the maximum charging power that can be absorbed by a smartphone or tablet and prevents the device from overheating.
The green output is characterized by the innovative Qualcomm® Quick Charge system which further improves charging. Thanks to this technology, your device will be 80% charged after only 30 minutes of charging.
High performance and ease of use: the perfect accessory to always have with you when travelling or on the move.


  • Maximum current: 2.1A
  • 1 2.1A USB output
  • 1 USB output with Qualcomm® Quick Charge
  • European plug
  • Intelligent Charge
  • Device charge level after 30 minutes with Qualcomm® Quick Charge: 80% *


* charging times are approximate and depend on the device being recharged.

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