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Genuine leather case for iPhone XS/X

Hard case in genuine leather for iPhone XS/X with credit card holder, black colour


Stand out straight away with this real leather hard case: a sophisticated, elegant and stylish accessory to best protect your iPhone XS/X.

Class and comfort go hand in hand: the dark shade and the tactile sensation of the fabric case cover are unique and glamorous details. Let yourself be carried away by the warmth and suppleness of the leather: you have in your hands a practical, modern object. The fine grain, typical of the workmanship of this material, make it a prized product to show off on any occasion.

In addition to the classic camera aperture, this case gives free access to your device's display. The credit card holder is not just a secure and efficient feature but offers a distinctive element: business and well-being will become an everyday part of life.

The iPhone XS/X case is designed for anyone who loves to surround themselves with coveted products. Emphasize your style with a case that highlights your strong personality and bright character.


  • Hard case in real leather
  • Credit card holder
  • Camera aperture
  • Free access to keys and display
  • Protects from minor scratches and bumps
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